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The Bonita Way

Premium Ingredients.

Irresistible Flavor.

At Bonita Premium Gourmet our mission is to deliver a product that is both irresistibly delicious and crafted from the finest quality ingredients. Bonita Gourmet was born out of the diverse and abundant flavors of Ecuador. Our products include chocolates, coffee, spreads and sauces with ingredients and flavors as exotic as Ecuador itself.


The Gourmet Way

Ecuador is one of the richest countries in terms of biodiversity. Its extraordinary geographic location allows for a variety of flora and fauna to thrive. As a result, Ecuador is known worldwide for growing delicious and superior quality produce, like our famed Bonita product line. We invite you to indulge yourself in our exclusive Ecuadorian made gourmet products whenever you desire something unique and enticing.

At Bonita Premium Gourmet, we believe in delivering indulgent, high-quality ingredients that reflect the diversity of Ecuador’s delicious flavors. Our philosophy is that food should never be boring, that is why we’ve crafted a line of delectable chocolates, coffee, spreads, and sauces. With Bonita Premium Gourmet, every meal is a special occasion. Your taste buds will burst with excitement!

“Bonita Gourmet was born out of the diverse and abundant flavors of Ecuador.”

Born in Ecuador

Bonita Premium Gourmet offers a diverse line of food products that explore the unique and delicious flavors of Ecuador. Open yourself up to a culinary experience like none other with our Gourmet selection. Bonita uses the most flavorful ingredients, which are sourced from various regions in Ecuador.


We’re in over 100 gourmet locations in Florida and the NY Tri-State area with Southern California next.  Pick up some “Bonita Gourmet”  today, and explore Ecuador’s Taste-Scapes!